In-depth data analysis for future-oriented strategic plans and automation.

Antartika: Digital Agency specializing in strategic Web Marketing Analysis.

In an online marketing project, the initial analysis is crucial to understand the business context, define the goals of interest, and identify targeted actions to achieve them.


Continually analyzing Web Analytics data and studying the brand is vital to pinpoint the digital communication strategy and automate marketing activities, in an integrated management of Advertising tools, social channels, the website or e-commerce.

Analysis and Strategy together

In a highly competitive and dynamic environment like the digital one, having a clear view of online marketing channels, user behavior on the web, objectives, and corporate identity is crucial to create an effective strategy.

Web Analytics and Monitoring

Collecting, measuring, analyzing, and understanding data across different platforms: we provide accurate and precise Web Analytics information to help companies make data-based decisions.

Digital Marketing Audit

A comprehensive analysis of your company’s online presence allows understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, opportunities for improvement, and solutions for your Web Marketing plan.

Marketing Automation

Optimizing workflows, improving efficiency, and profit growth: Marketing Automation integrates various tools to facilitate connection and communication with the target.

Analyze and develop your strategy.

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