We create e-commerce sites on Shopify: a customizable, flexible and effective solution.

We develop web stores for businesses to attract customers and generate sales.

Shopify is a highly efficient platform for creating e-commerce websites. It is easy to manage for sellers and provides a user-friendly experience for buyers, with a streamlined and intuitive checkout process that significantly encourages online sales for both B2B and B2C e-commerce.

As a Shopify agency, Antartika accompanies you through every phase of your e-commerce project, from initial analysis to complete implementation, optimization, and promotion within an integrated marketing strategy.


An optimized tool for growth

With the Shopify platform, you have constant control over the performance of your online store. Various tools, statistics, and sales data are readily available in an easy and intuitive dashboard designed to help grow your sales.

E-shop revolution

Millions of active stores worldwide

Our agency chooses Shopify as the primary tool for e-commerce development, just like over 4 million online stores in 175 countries worldwide. They rely on Shopify as their platform for managing online purchases and sales.

For B2B and B2C

Development of business e-commerce

Whether your target market is B2B or B2C, selling online through Shopify e-commerce can give a real boost to your business. This is especially true when combined with targeted promotional activities.

Multichannel, multisuccess

Efficient e-commerce promotion

Shopify integrates with major social and advertising platforms, enabling us to effectively promote your business through multi-channel strategies tailored to drive its growth.

At your service

Training with Shopify experts

Through our training sessions, you can become fully autonomous in managing your online store. You’ll learn how to update product catalogs, create promotions and discount codes, manage orders, and handle shipping.

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