Next JS: the cutting-edge web framework for speed, security and scalability.

An innovative technological choice for demanding websites and applications.

Next JS is a JavaScript framework based on React that allows for the efficient and fast creation of secure, high-performing, and scalable web applications. With its modular architecture based on API usage, Next JS offers unique flexibility that enables the development of customized and powerful solutions.

For businesses aiming to compete at the highest level and provide the best online experience to users and visitors, our agency builds websites, applications, and landing pages using Next JS. We leverage highly advanced software solutions to ensure maximum security, speed, and SEO optimization.

Total security

Uncompromised security

Next JS is the ideal solution for businesses seeking absolutely secure websites or applications. Thanks to its API-based architecture, a website or application developed with Next JS has minimal attack surface compared to a traditional WordPress or Prestashop site.

Maximum speed

Speed that everyone loves

Utilizing pre-rendering features (Server-Side Rendering or Static Site Generation) and delivering on the Edge, a website or application developed with Next JS ensures a fast and smooth browsing experience with minimized loading times

Power & flexibility

Infinite possibilities and scalable power

Next JS is renowned for its power and flexibility, including seamless integration with various APIs, without being confined to the limitations of available plugins. This means that a website or application developed with Next JS is highly customizable in terms of functionality and appearance, allowing adaptation to the specific needs of each project.

Choice of excellence

Suitable for critical applications

Next JS brings the full strength of React (the JavaScript library developed by Meta) and is the preferred choice for many leading companies worldwide. Ferrari, Nike, Disney, Sony, Amazon, Vodafone, Porsche, Hyundai, Red Bull, Marvel, Coca-Cola, Virgin, Netflix, Lego, TikTok, Twitch, and Notion are just a few multinational entities that have chosen to use Next JS for their websites and web applications.

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