A team of qualified professionals who believe in the value of teamwork.

We integrate different skills, finding the best way to deliver results.

We could say that we are particularly competent and reliable; we could write that we enthusiastically embrace every new challenge and establish trusting relationships with our clients. But anyone can write that. We prefer to show it to you: get to know our team!

Andrea Magnabosco

Co-founder & Digital Strategist

Andrea is responsible for website and Landing Page development in React – Next.js (he has always been fascinated by the web world), alternating with the role of Project Manager for the agency’s clients. He founded Antartika for himself, to create a place where it is truly enjoyable and stimulating to work. Andrea is a leader who doesn’t like to act strictly as a boss, and when he’s not in front of the computer, he prefers to run on the trails of the nearby Colli Berici.

Paolo Covolo

Co-founder & Digital Strategist

Paolo, with a solid graphic design background, can distinguish true effectiveness and innovative communication from mere wow-factor. In 2015, he co-founded an agency where connections and ideas flow rapidly, thanks to the synergy of excellent skills. Today, he coordinates client activities as a Project Manager. He curates the company playlist and loves rock music: only a few lucky ones have seen him play with his band!

Ilaria Sartori

Digital Marketing Consultant

Ilaria has been in the industry for over 8 years and is our Digital Marketing consultant and promoter of the Integreation Launch service. As an excellent Project Manager, she identifies company KPIs and plans various activities with specialists, closely monitoring them and promptly advising on modifications and improvements. When she’s not in the office or on the phone with clients, Ilaria enjoys walking and going on trips with her husband and little ones.

Ada Botonjic

Front-end Developer

Ada Botonjic is our Front-end Developer. She loves challenges and everything that is complex, but coding is her true passion. She has been working at Antartika since 2018 and has never stopped learning, growing, and applying herself in the ever-evolving field of web development. With two very bright daughters, a husband, and a dog, Ada tends towards perfectionism: she doesn’t let any mistakes or imperfections slip by. If there’s a problem, she will uncover it and solve it.

Cecilia Nardi

SEM Specialist

Cecilia is our expert in Search Engine Advertising and Web Analytics. She plans and manages Google Ads, YouTube, and Microsoft campaigns, as well as taking care of tracking and Web Analytics. Not only is she highly specialized, but she also has excellent problem-solving skills. She is passionate about craft beer, rock music, and travel: if she’s not overseeing your campaign, she’s probably on a road trip in the Mojave Desert.

Michela Dalla Vecchia

Digital Advertising Specialist

Michela joined Antartika in 2018 and immediately started working on Social Media. In 2020, she obtained the Meta Certified qualification and specialized in managing advertising campaigns on various social channels. Pleasant, practical, and decisive, Michela loves her job on some days and on others, she wishes she could quit everything to go cultivate fields (mostly due to Meta’s assistance). She has a garden, a cat, a cute blog, and a great passion for painting watercolor flowers.

Alexa Pozzer

SEO Specialist

Arriving just five days before the 2020 lockdown, Alexa is the SEO Specialist and Copywriter that every agency would love to have: precise, productive, and proactive. In a very short time, she reached an enviable level of professionalism and was invited by SEOZoom to host a webinar on her workflow. Alexa prefers to work with a good cup of coffee and her trusted cat by her side, and after work, she channels her frustrations through the gym or yoga.

Eugenio Radin

Digital Marketing Consultant

Eugenio, in Antartika since 2021, is responsible for Social Media and defining the best marketing strategy for each client, studying specific language techniques and methods for each platform. Passionate about the digital world, cinema, and music, he plays the violin and manages a highly followed Instagram account where he discusses argumentation and philosophy (he can do it, he has a degree). If he’s not working on editorial plans, you’ll likely find him in a mountain bivouac along an Altavia trail!

Danny Antolini

Front-end Developer

Danny has been a Front-end Developer and Designer since 2021. He started as a self-taught developer and then honed his skills at the Palladio Design Institute and at Antartika, where he reached a high level of expertise in using WordPress. Whenever possible, he does everything with CSS and a mechanical keyboard. He lives in the land of wines, is active in the Verona association world, enjoys photography, and doesn’t mind running and going to the gym, where he wishes he could bring his cat (he says it would do her good).

Arianna Bagnara

Creative Director

Arianna is a highly experienced Graphic Designer who has been collaborating with Antartika for years. She possesses versatile skills, a direct approach to needs, and extreme attention to detail, allowing her to handle Visual and Web Design, corporate Brand Image and much more. As a mother of three children who fill her life with shouts, laughter, and whims, she enjoys spending her free time taking long walks with her family.

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