Integreation Launch: the starting point of our Integreation Marketing method.

Brainstorming, consultation, integrated dashboards for all our activities.

Well begun is half done“: in our Integreation Marketing method, the Integreation Launch represents the first and crucial step towards any new project.

Three intensive brainstorming sessions led by our experts will help the key stakeholders from the main business areas (management, marketing, sales, and customer service) to:

  • gain a greater awareness of the current starting point at the beginning of the project;
  • concretize objectives in the medium and long term;
  • understand the proposed strategy to achieve them.

Knowledge, experience, and consultation intertwine, leading the “agency & company” work team to define both a real and data-rich starting framework and an ideal and realistic projection of objectives, timelines, and the strategy to implement.

Immediate insights

Integrated dashboard with real-time data

The Integreation Launch activity starts with the concrete data of the company, creating a customized Dashboard capable of collecting, integrating, and interpreting information from different areas. Throughout the project development, this dashboard will serve as the foundation for strategy, monitoring, reporting, and activity optimization. The ability to read and connect data from different domains is the added value of our consultation.

UPSYD model

Buyer Personas and Customer Journey

Through various methodologies such as concept mapping, Empathy Map, Lego Serious Play, our expert facilitators guide the work team in defining a semi-fictional representation of their ideal customer, their level of awareness when approaching the brand, and the online journey they take when engaging with the brand, products, or services.

Stand proudly

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Only through a thorough analysis of the competition can a company truly define its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the realm of Digital Marketing: the added value that sets it apart from competitors in a specific market segment. USP and concrete objectives are essential in defining a winning strategy.

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