Capture the attention of your audience with curated social media editorial plans.

The Social Content Curation service allows your online voice to shine.

Each digital communication channel has its own specificity, unique tone of voice, and particular target audience. Making the most of the possibilities offered by social media means implementing a targeted Content Strategy while also interconnecting it within a larger integrated marketing plan.


As a Digital Content Creation agency, we are experts in creating social media content, managing editorial plans across different channels, and defining an editorial strategy to promote your brand.

Outside the box

Editorial plans for Social Media

We carefully craft social media content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more, creating engaging editorial plans capable of fostering constructive dialogue with your target audience.

Emotional Storytelling

Focused and attentive Curation

Social media posts should communicate messages directly, convincingly, and originally. This goes beyond just writing skills and requires a deep understanding of Social Media Marketing dynamics.

Visual Branding

Captivating and functional graphics

Within our social editorial strategy, we develop graphic templates aligned with your brand’s identity, capable of capturing users’ attention and attracting them to high-quality content.

Unique, unified

Integrated communication plans

Every social media platform is unique but not alone. Therefore, we pay attention to integrating content across various social platforms while respecting their diversity and specificity.

Get noticed

Integrating CTAs and Advertising

To truly be visible, good social content cannot overlook a well-structured advertising campaign. Make your voice heard by integrating sponsorships and Call to Action into your editorial plans.

Social & Business

Content Creation for B2B

In today’s world, purchasing decisions go through the web. That’s why more and more B2B companies are developing their own social editorial calendars to assert their values, build a strong community, and generate new targeted leads.

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