Acquire new contacts through targeted Lead Generation campaigns.

Lead Marketing Agency: consultancy and campaigns management.

Lead generation is an online marketing activity that utilizes pay-per-click tools with the goal of acquiring new contacts interested in your business. Particularly in the B2B sector, it proves to be a fundamental strategy for reaching the most suitable audience from a commercial perspective.

As a Lead Generation agency in Vicenza, we specialize in developing targeted and specific online campaigns to generate new valuable relationships and grow our clients’ businesses.

Capturing audience

Lead Generation for B2B and B2C

Lead acquisition is particularly useful and fruitful for companies that offer a wide range of services, operate in the B2B market, or sell complex or niche products.

Targeted channels

Customized strategies for each client

By analyzing your objectives and target market, we select the most suitable promotional channel to reach your target audience, whether it be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Microsoft Advertising.

Performing campaigns

Integrated Lead Marketing activities

  • Analysis and setup of PPC campaigns;
  • Management, support, and/or consultancy for creating effective and engaging landing pages;
  • Continuous optimization and integrated solutions.

Experiment, improve

Concrete Lead Acquisition results

We constantly monitor the conversions of lead generation campaigns, providing you with detailed periodic reports on the results achieved along with suggestions for improvement.

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