A concrete working method, a growth process that is built step by step.

Integreation Marketing: dynamic integrations that drive business growth.

It is said that “unity is strength,” but for a business that needs to make its way in the web, unity alone or budget alone is not enough. Between services and marketing, sales or customer care departments, between the offering and potential customers, a dynamic integration is required that is functional to the objectives. Only this “Integreation” of the parts in function of the whole can lead to continuous optimization of growth, both internally and externally to the company.


In Antartika we don’t seek clients, but project partners. We don’t sell “pre-packaged services“, but actively involve you in a process based on three principles:

1st step:
we start from you

No fantasies, but concrete action plans.

Every project of ours translates into strategies and GANTT charts based on the real data of the company, in line with realistic objectives set in the short, medium, and long term. The initial consultancy provided by the Integreation Launch serves precisely to build this solid common starting foundation with you.

2nd step:
we work with you

No secrets, but maximum transparency.

We are not the suit-and-tie types, but rather sweater-wearing and rolled-up-sleeves types. We prefer to sit at your desk and work together with the marketing and sales department. Transparency in data and sharing our expertise will help you become an actively aware part of our process.

3rd step:
we grow with you

Not just words, but real objectives achieved.

Wanting everything right away is never the winning strategy: every step at the right time. A good strategy knows how to communicate and evolve with the business situation, which changes from moment to moment. Learning to read the reports with us will make you aware of each phase and allow you to understand if and how we have achieved the predefined objectives.

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