Effective Pinterest Ads campaigns for businesses' awareness and conversions.

Promote your brand and increase sales through Pinterest advertising.

Pinterest is a channel that leverages the power of visual content such as images and videos, particularly in sectors like beauty, fashion, accessories, interior design, DIY, and home decor. It represents an efficient means to drive sponsored and organic traffic to your blog or online shop.

At Antartika we work with Pinterest, a social network that is still underutilized in Italy, offering low-cost Pinterest advertising campaigns with high return on ad spend (ROAS), especially for e-commerce businesses.

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What is Pinterest and how does it work

Pinterest is an image search engine, functioning more like Google than Facebook. The “Search” function is essential on this social platform, allowing users to easily discover visual content of interest.

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Pinterest Business for companies

Both for users and businesses, Pinterest allows the creation of virtual pinboards to share, save, and collect creative ideas in the form of images or videos.

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Targeting in Pinterest Marketing

In Italy, Pinterest has a predominantly female audience, especially women between the ages of 25 and 54. If this aligns with your target audience, advertising on Pinterest can be an important communication channel for your marketing strategy.

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Benefits of Pinterest Ads

On Pinterest, it is possible to go viral and generate significant traffic even from older pins. Unlike Facebook and Instagram posts, a Pinterest pin can remain trending for up to 6 months.

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