Behind every project, there is a set of values that we don't want to give up.

The company culture of Antartika defines our identity as an agency.

We take care of people and situations, reject mediocrity and continue to study, knowing that learning is an ongoing process that doesn’t end with time. Among the many values, we have one fundamental rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.


Freedom and autonomy

We believe that individual freedom and autonomy are essential for concentration, creativity, problem-solving and high intellectual output.


One for all, all for one

Our culture is based on mutual collaboration and the cross-integration of skills: while each of us is autonomous, we work in harmony with other team members and the client themselves, knowing that unity is strength.


Beyond the surface of things

We delve deep into every project. We strive to understand if something isn’t working and why it isn’t. With these data and insights, we can chart the best course.


Emphasizing uniqueness

Every company is as unique as the individuals that make it up. That’s why we can be called a “custom-made agency“: each project is studied and developed tailor-made because it is inherently different and original.


A precious resource

When things are rushed, there’s a risk of doing them poorly! That’s why we dedicate the right amount of time to preparing a strategy. The goal is to give the proper value to our projects without getting lost in impatience. But one thing is certain: we respect deadlines.


People first, always

Collaboration with the client is essential for us. Only those who are in the field and “experience the daily life” can understand and identify the needs of their users. We can help you meet them.


The importance of honesty

Our values become useless and hypocritical if they are not felt, shared and used as a compass for our company’s actions.

Do you resonate with our values?

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