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The competence of an agency is measured by good results. Whether it’s building a website, structuring Google campaigns, or integrating various digital tools, what matters most is being able to transform the client’s objectives into solid and satisfying results.

Here’s how, in some of our most recent works, we have been able to meet the demands of the companies that chose us, structuring strategies capable of delivering value and hitting the right target.

Hanna Instruments:
social media as powerful tools for Brand Awareness and sales.

Discover how we transformed the company’s social media into a valuable resource for Brand Awareness and online sales, successfully building customer loyalty and achieving a high return on investment.

how to use Dynamic Remarketing for your e-commerce business.

Thanks to the programming of specific targeted campaigns on social media, it was possible to reach users with highly personalized ads, resulting in sales that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Nuvola World:
high-performance and minimal website for clear dental aligners.

We developed a website that effectively communicates the company’s identity without compromising on performance, as demonstrated by excellent results in terms of performance, accessibility and usability.

Search Engine Adv campaigns on multiple online networks for branding.

For this client, the integration of campaigns on search engines (Search, Display, and YouTube) proved to be a powerful tool for strengthening the company’s online presence and acquiring new target customers aligned with business objectives.

Google Ads as a valuable tool for Business to Business Lead Generation.

If you work in the B2B sector, this Case Study can be an excellent example of how effective management of Google Ads campaigns can lead to a substantial and progressive increase in the number of leads, even in the world of Business to Business.

integrated communication for Brand Awareness and collecting leads.

Discover how the integrated management of different digital channels within a single strategy enabled this company to improve Brand Awareness, increase user interactions and generate more contact inquiries.

Butterfly Lab:
integrated B2B web marketing plan to promote the branded network.

The medical sector is considered a highly delicate area in digital marketing. Nevertheless, Butterfly Lab was able to significantly expand its online and offline presence by relying on Antartika’s Integreation Marketing.

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