We help you maximize profit from PPC advertising with Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft Advertising Agency: consulting and campaign management on Bing.

Microsoft Advertising, previously known as Bing Ads, is the platform for advertising on Bing and Microsoft Search Network partner sites. In recent years, the search engine has experienced rapid development and has become an interesting solution for reaching additional targeted users.

As a Microsoft Advertising Agency in Vicenza, we specialize in managing professional Ads campaigns on Bing for our clients, continuously monitoring the results to maximize profits.

Cost management

Why advertise on Bing

With Microsoft Advertising, you can reach a growing, relevant audience with a strong inclination to make purchases while maintaining cost control. It also easily integrates with other SEA campaigns such as Google Ads.

Maximum Reach

Extensive Advertising Coverage

Ads are displayed in Bing search results and on partners’ platforms such as Yahoo and MSN, as well as on Windows 10, Cortana, Office, third-party platforms like Amazon device search engines, Siri and Spotlight web results on Apple devices, and maps on thousands of prominent websites.

PPC for B2B

Effective tools for B2B

Unlike other Pay Per Click advertising tools, Microsoft Advertising offers B2B companies the opportunity to target users based on their role or industry, utilizing valuable information imported from LinkedIn.

Adv Specialists

Microsoft Ads management

We develop customized Microsoft Advertising campaigns based on marketing objectives, continuously optimize Bing Ads results, and provide our clients with detailed periodic reporting.

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