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Discover how we can help you comply with regulations on your website.

Websites must always comply with certain legal obligations. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant penalties.

That’s why we have chosen to partner with iubenda, a company that consists of both legal and technical professionals specializing in this field.

Together with iubenda, of which we are Certified Partners, we have developed a proposal to offer all our clients a simple and secure solution to their legal compliance needs.

Key legal requirements for website owners

Privacy and Cookie Policy

The law requires every website/app that collects data to inform users through a privacy and cookie policy.

The privacy policy must include some fundamental elements, including:

  • The types of personal data processed;
  • The legal bases for processing;
  • The purposes and methods of processing;
  • The parties to whom the personal data may be disclosed;
  • The possible transfer of data outside the European Union;
  • The rights of the data subject;
  • The contact details of the data controller.

The cookie policy specifically describes the different types of cookies installed through the website, any third parties to which these cookies refer – including a link to their respective documents and opt-out forms – and the purposes of the processing.

Can’t we use a generic document?
It is not possible to use generic documents because the privacy policy must provide detailed information about the data processing carried out by your website/app, including listing all third-party technologies used (e.g., Facebook Like buttons or Google Maps).

What if my website does not process any data?
It is highly unlikely that your website does not process any data. Even a simple contact form or a traffic analysis system like Google Analytics triggers the obligation to prepare and display a privacy policy.


Cookie Law

In addition to preparing a cookie policy, complying with the cookie law requires displaying a cookie banner to each user upon their first visit and obtaining consent for the installation of cookies. Certain types of cookies, such as those released by tools like social sharing buttons, should only be released after obtaining valid consent from the user.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are used to store certain information about the user’s browser during their navigation on the website. Cookies are now essential to ensure the proper functioning of a website. Additionally, many third-party technologies commonly integrated into our websites, such as a simple YouTube video widget, also use cookies.



If users have the option to directly enter personal data on the website/app, for example, by filling out a contact form, a registration form, or subscribing to a newsletter, it is necessary to obtain freely given, specific, informed consent and keep a clear record of that consent.

What does freely given, specific, informed consent mean?
Consent must be obtained for each specific purpose of processing. For example, consent must be obtained separately for sending newsletters and for sending promotional material on behalf of third parties. Consent can be obtained by using one or more non-preselected, non-mandatory checkboxes

How can unequivocal consent be demonstrated?
When a user completes a form on your website/app, a series of information must be collected. This information includes a unique user identifier code, the content of the accepted privacy policy, and a copy of the form submitted by the user.

Isn’t the email I receive from the user after completing the form sufficient proof of consent?
Unfortunately, it is not sufficient, as it lacks some necessary information to establish the adequacy of the consent collection procedure, such as a copy of the form actually completed by the user.


How we can help you with iubenda solutions

Thanks to our partnership with iubenda, we can help you set up everything you need to comply with regulations. iubenda is indeed the simplest, most comprehensive, and professional solution to comply with regulations.


Privacy and Cookie Policy generator

With iubenda’s Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator, we can create a personalized privacy policy for your website or app. iubenda’s policies are generated from a database of clauses drafted and continuously reviewed by an international team of lawyers.

Cookie Solution

iubenda’s Cookie Solution is a comprehensive system for managing the display of a cookie banner to each user upon their first visit, blocking profiling cookies in advance, and collecting user consent for the installation of cookies.

Consent Solution

iubenda’s Consent Solution allows for the collection and storage of unequivocal proof of consent whenever a user completes a form, such as a contact form or newsletter subscription form, on your website or app.


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